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Sam Anderson Fireside Chat

Sam Anderson and Laurin Groover discuss the history of SOF in Signal.

Save Our Story:
Preserve the History of Army Communication

Our Mission:
To preserve the regimental history of the Signal Corps, the Cyber Branch, and other tenant units which have served at Fort Gordon as part of an enduring Military Museum in Augusta.


Our Vision:
To establish a state-0f-the-art live and virtual museum that preserves the history of the Army Signal Corps, tells the story of innovation and ingenuity of the Signal and Cyber Corps, educates the current generations for service to the nation.

Why are we doing this: Fort Gordon’s museum closed in February 2021.

In order to preserve the substantial historical contributions to the nation, educate our citizens and prepare the next generation of Americans for the next century, we intend to create an enduring live and virtual museum in coordination with the US Army in Augusta, Georgia at an off-post location near Fort Gordon.


The new museum will house a historical collection, preserve and present exhibits and historically significant artifacts that reveal the rich history of innovation by our citizens as they served the nation.

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