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Team STS at SOFIC 2022

General Clarke, SOCOM Commander, presenting at sofic

“I challenge this room, all of you and those who are watching, to come experiment with us. Come experiment with our operators in the field. Come experiment in the toughest conditions. I believe I am biased when I say this, that SOCOM does this better than any part of our military. We link our people to your people. Let them experiment with your most promising technologies. They are our creative problem solvers, ”– Gen. Richard Clarke, commander, USSOCOM


Veteran Transition Success

On Veterans Day we honor all who have served and those serving today! SOFtact Solutions is proud to BRAG that 50% of our STS workforce are Veterans. That milestone does not happen by accident- we clearly recognize the work ethic, integrity, and innovative spirit that Veterans bring to the workplace, and we are honored to highlight two of our Veterans on this special day as they share their stories of transition from Military life.

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JSOU Industry Mentoring

Introduction to Special Operations Acquisition Course (ISOAC), part of the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU), offers newly assigned special operations forces (SOF) Acquisition Technology & Logistics employees’ instruction on SOF-unique acquisition processes, methods, events, and strategy.

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Welcome David Wood!

Dave will serve as a liaison with external and internal clients, conducting analysis of their business and IT systems models with a focus on identifying solutions for our existing and future clients.

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