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SOFtact and the Georgia Cyber Center

Collaboration is always the operating word at the Georgia Cyber Center. And now, it’s leading to some unique partnerships, which are changing the way business and internships can be done.

“We knew that the Georgia Cyber Center was the only place to be,” said Sam Anderson, the Executive Vice President of SOFtact Solutions. “This location was purpose built to bring academia, industry and government together. So, we knew that that was where we wanted to be, to be part of that solution.”

Anderson’s company has been around for 3 years, focusing mostly on government contracting. As the company grows, they’ve sought out several big partners.

“The Alliance for Fort Gordon under Dr. Clarke is really the belly button of the community to integrate academia, industry and government, to create the conditions in this region,” said Anderson.

They started with five workers, but now they’re over 40 strong…..

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