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STS solves problems through design, procurement, integration, execution, and program management of subject matter experts and the hardware/software necessary to implement solutions. We provide solutions for Government Agencies at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as industry partners, non-profit organizations, and commercial customers.

Georgia Cyber Center

SOFtact Footprint

We have personnel from SOFtact Solutions spread out across the country, with our main footprint in four areas. 


Our headquarters in Fayetteville, NC, are strategically located in downtown Fayetteville, in close proximity to other partners and easy access for personnel from Fort Bragg/ Fort Liberty to come to our facility for briefings and interaction.


Our second office is located at the Georgia Cyber Center in downtown Augusta, Georgia. The Georgia Cyber Center is a unique location, designed to bring together academia, industry and government to collaborate on how to improve our cyber capabilities as a nation. The Cyber Center has a very close relationship with the military base in Augusta, Fort Gordon/ Fort Eisenhower.


We also have a footprint in Tampa, FL and in Huntsville, AL, which both have a very large military presence, where we maintain team members to support our customers.