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Why do we put so much into SOF Week?

Today we are officially 4 weeks out from SOF Week 2023, formerly known as SOFIC. I have attended SOFIC several times over the years, both as a Military member of the Special Operations Community and more recently as an Industry partner that supports the Special Operations Community. 

When asked recently “Why do we as a company put so much into SOF Week?”, it caused me to pause and actually think about… what it is all about?

·       Anyone who has attended SOFIC/SOF Week in the past can speak to the incredible technologies on display, not to mention the capabilities demonstrations put on by our Men and Women of the Special Operations Community. 

·       It also is a “big reunion” where you run into all sorts of people that you haven’t seen in a while, exchange business cards and capabilities briefs and generally have a good time.  I mean it is, after all, in Tampa.

·       Depending on your particular objectives, you may also have the opportunity to demonstrate a particular capability you believe is valuable to SOF, or, as a Government rep- you may see something that clearly covers a capability gap in your force.

All of these reasons, and more, are what make SOF Week an incredible event for Government, Industry, and Academia to collaborate. 

For me though, I think the best reason to attend SOF Week is the “WHY”. You are able to get connected back to why all this mattersSOF Week reminds us, as industry, and as Americans, that we collectively have a requirement to put the best possible capabilities (humans and hardware) into the hands of the Special Operations workforce who have, since inception, answered our Nations’ call, and sacrificed so much. It also is a great time to reflect on the incredible people that make up this tremendous Special Operations Community- past, present, and future. 

Looking forward to SOF Week 2023 and “re-remembering” the WHY.

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