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SOFtact Solutions Launches Army Maintenance App (ArMA)

SOFtact Solutions launches maintenance repair application across 72 Army installations worldwide

March 21, 2022 (Augusta, GA)SOFtact Solutions (STS) created the Army Maintenance Application (ArMA) on the ServiceNow platform and will install the application across 72 Army installations worldwide. The ArMA application transforms the process service members use to submit maintenance repair requests for their living quarters managed by the Army by making it completely digital.  ArMA allows service members to follow the work order process life cycle on their mobile phone or desktop computer from their initial submission, to the scheduling of repairs, approving the completed repair, and, finally, assessing the quality of service through an automated customer satisfaction survey.


Because the initial implementation was so successful, Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) has expanded the scope of ArMA to include all Army-managed facilities on 72 installations.  The ArMA application scope expansion has been coined “fence-to-fence expansion” to indicate that ArMA now covers everything on the garrison -from the fence on one side to the fence on the opposite side, minus privatized housing.  Ten fence-to-fence implementations have been completed and the remaining 62 locations will be completed by the end of May 2022.



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