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Welcome David Wood!

David Wood joins SOFtact as
C5I Innovation Engineer

David Wood

David Wood


Dave will serve as a liaison with external and internal clients, conducting analysis of their business and IT systems models with a focus on identifying solutions for our existing and future clients.

David’s extensive experience is a valuable combination of decades in uniform and in industry. He served our nation, retiring after 20 years serving in the U.S. Air Force/Florida Air National Guard. While in uniform, as well as after retirement, Dave has gained diverse experience in the operation, maintenance, configuration, and testing of computer systems beginning with Mainframe Sperry/Univac computers to Time-division Multiplexers to Virtual Environments working for a large legacy DOD contracting firm and a small business startup.

Dave and his wife Stacie live in the Tampa area and just celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary!!

Why do we put so much into SOF Week?

SOF Week reminds us, as industry, and as Americans, that we collectively have a requirement to put the best possible capabilities (humans and hardware) into the hands of the Special Operations workforce who have, since inception, answered our Nations’ call, and sacrificed so much.

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TechNet Bragg 2023

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